Creating Graphical User Interfaces in MATLAB


Course Duration: 15-20 Hours
Course Requirements: MATLAB Programming: Fundamentals
Course Details:

1. MATLAB Review for GUI Building

  •    Steps for creating and indexing into MATLAB arrays
  •    MATLAB data types
  •    Scripts, functions, and subfunctions
  •    Functions with variable input and output lists
  •    Basic function exception handling

2. Handle Graphics

  •    Graphics object heirarchy
  •    Creating handles to graphics objects
  •    Properties of graphics objects
  •    The set and get commands
  •    Finding graphics objects

3. GUI Design Principles

  •    Human-computer interface
  •    Interface challenges
  •    Design principles
  •    Resources for GUI design

4. Basic GUI Programming

  •    Creating uicontrols
  •    Formatting commands
  •    Assigning callbacks

5. Introduction to GUIDE

  •    Laying out GUIs
  •    Setting property values
  •    Assigning callbacks
  •    Generating the figure file and the GUI code file
  •    Editing in GUIDE

6. The GUI Code File

  •     GUI code file schematic
  •     Initialization code and the GUI switchyard
  •     GUI calls using various arguments
  •     The GUI main function

7. UI Menus

  •    Using the Menu Editor
  •    Creating menus and callbacks using GUIDE
  •    Creating context menus and callbacks using GUIDE