MATLAB Fundamentals + Advanced Course with Engineering Applications

The designed training course aims to provide detailed hands-on practice on MATLAB platform for modeling and simulation. The participants will be given theoretical input and simultaneous hands-on learning experience in the basic operation and utilization of MATLAB to solve many technical computing problems.

MATLAB Fundamentals:

1.     MATLAB Technical Computing Environment
  •    Workspace, Windows and Help
  •   Constants, Variables and Expressions
  •   Scalar Mathematics and Basic Mathematical Functions
  •   Scriptingand Publishing M-Files

2.     Matrix/Array Indexing (Linear, Row-Column and Logical) and Manipulations

3.     Excel and CSV Data Import and Export in MATLAB
4.     2-D Plotting Functions and using Plot Tool
  •   Printing Labels and Legends, Grid and Axes Box, Axis Control, Subplots

5.     Basics of Curve Fitting, smoothing and Interpolation

6.     MATLAB Programming: Structures and Loops
  •    Loops - For Loop, Nested for Loop, While Loop
  •    Control Structures – if-else, switch-case, break, return, continue, error, try-catch
Advanced MATLAB Session Contents:
1.     Code Vectorization and Memory Pre-allocation: MATLAB Profiler
2.     Working with Polynomials
3.     Strings, Time, Base Conversion and Bit Operations
4.     External Data Import and Export in MATLAB: Working with Cell arrays and data structures
5.     2-D Plotting Functions
  •   Annotations in Plots, Graphic Handles, Line and Markers Styles, Colors and Formatting,
  •   Specialized 2-D Plots and 3-D Plots

6.     Types of Functions: Nested and Sub-Functions, Anonymous, Private and Inline functions

7.     Argument Handling in Functions, Error Checking in Functions, function handles

8.     Working with local and global variables
9.     Troubleshooting and Debugging MATLAB Codes, Using breakpoints
10.   File I/O: Opening and closing files, Reading and writing text and binary files
11.   Calculus in MATLAB: Numerical Integration and Differentiation
12.   Symbolic Mathematics –
  •   General Functions for Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus
  •    Polynomial Functions
  •   Calculus Differential and Integral Calculus
13.   Solutions to Ordinary Differential Equations - Initial Value and Boundary Value Problems
14.   Numerical Methods in MATLAB
15.   Solving basic Optimization Problems in MATLAB
16.   Building MATLAB GUIs using GUIDE.
Application Toolboxes to be covered:
     A few examples, engineering applications and use cases from the following toolboxes will also be covered
  • Statistics Toolbox
  • Symbolic Mathematics Toolbox
  • Image Processing Toolbox
  • Signal Processing Toolbox
  • Neural Networks Toolbox
Training Schedule:
Saturday-Sunday Weekend Batch (8 days, 40 Hours)
Dates Starts from 15th September 2018
Saturday Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Sunday Time:  10:00 AM - 1.00 PM + TUT 2.00 PM - 5.00 PM

Course Instructor: Mr. Prashant K. Sahu
He is one of the very few MathWorks Certified MATLAB Associate Developer in India, has over 15 years of vast training and research experience,   and has been Training in MATLAB and associated toolboxes since 2010.
His detailed profile:
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