Soft Skills Modules covered under NASSCOM's Data Analytics Associate program

UNIT I: Understand the Verticals - Engineering, Financial and others (NOS 2101)
  • Understanding systems viz. Engineering Design, Manufacturing, Smart Utilities,
  • Production lines, Automotive, Technology etc.
  • Understanding Business problems related to various businesses
UNIT II: Manage your work to meet requirements (NOS 9001)
  • Understanding Learning objectives,
  • Introduction to work & meeting requirements,
  • Time Management,
  • Work management & prioritization,
  • Quality & Standards Adherence,
UNIT III: Work effectively with Colleagues (NOS 9002)
  • Introduction to work effectively,
  • Team Work, Professionalism,
  • Effective Communication skills, etc.
UNIT IV: Maintain Healthy, Safe & Secure Working Environment (NOS 9003)
  • Introduction, workplace safety,
  • Report Accidents & Emergencies,
  • Protect health & safety as your work,
  • course conclusion, assessment
UNIT V: Provide Data/Information in Standard Formats (NOS 9004)
  • Introduction, Knowledge Management,
  • Standardized reporting & compliances,
  • Decision Models,
  • course conclusion.
  • Assessment
UNIT VI: Working with Documents (NOS 0703)
  • Standard Operating Procedures for documentation and knowledge sharing,
  • Defining purpose and scope documents,
  • Understanding structure of documents – case studies, articles, white papers, technical reports, minutes of meeting etc.,
  • Style and format, intellectual Property and Copyright,
  • Document preparation tools – Visio, PowerPoint, Word, Excel etc.,
  • Version Control, Accessing and updating corporate knowledge base, Peer review and feedback.
UNIT VII: Develop Knowledge, Skill and Competences (NOS 9005)
  • Introduction to Knowledge skills & competences,
  • Training & Development,
  • Learning & Development, Policies and Record keeping, etc.