NASSCOM Data Analytics Associate Program

Data Analytics refers to the use of advanced data tools to analyse large volumes of Data to uncover patterns and connections and provide valuable insights to business leading to better decision making. Following are few examples from our everyday lives that shows the importance and the need for Data Analysis:

  • Companies like Ola and Uber use Big Data to analyze and predict the demand-supply gap. Based on this analysis, decision on surge pricing and fleet deployment are taken.
  • When booking flight and hotels online, companies track how many people are viewing flights or hotels for the same day. Based on this analysis, they tweak to price to maximize their revenue.
  • Online portals like Amazon, Flipkart, Facebook, Google use analytics for better customer experience and services.

The demand for Data Analytics professionals is growing at a rapid pace and is considered one of the highest paying professions.  To fulfil the current and future demand, NASSCOM has collaborated with leading analytics companies such as Accenture, Fractal Analytics, TCS, Cap Gemini and Wipro, to name a few, and created a program that will ensure learners are ready to be absorbed by these leading companies.

This program will help you master skills and tools like Clustering, Decision trees, R Studio, R Programming, Python, Big Data, Hadoop, Spark, SQL, NoSQL, Impala, Data Visualization tools like Tableau, Data modelling, Statistical functions, Machine Learning, deep learning algorithms that use predictive analytics to solve real-time decision-making problems.

The program provides access to high-quality content and other resources to put you on the right path to be a Data Analyst and eventually become a Data Scientist.

Course Syllabus for Associate Analytics Program:

NASSCOM Certified Data Analyst is a 400 hour instructor led training covering data analytic concepts and hands-on learning. Each module is in accordance to the National Occupational Standards (NOS). These NOS specify the standard of performance individuals must achieve when carrying out a function in the workplace, and the knowledge and understanding they need to meet that standard consistently. The efforts of NASSCOM and Mr. Ashok Polapragada, Mr. Ranjit Kumar and Mr. Prakash Devarakonda at Karvy Analytics; Mr. Dwaraka Ramana K at First American; Mr. Amit Agarwal, Mr. Sidhartha Shishoo and team at Genpact; Ms. Snigdha Ray and Mr. Amit Sharma at ADP; Mr. Manoj Koundinya at Capgemini, and Mr. Ashish Mediratta at Wipro have gone into creating this industry aligned program. Our Data Analytics program comprises of the following cutting edge industry-aligned curriculum with the right blend of statistics, technical and business knowledge:

Module 1: Foundations of Machine Learning

Module 2: Python Programming (Core)

Module 3: Machine Learning in Python

Module 4: Deep Learning in Python (using Keras and TensorFlow)

Module 5: R Language Programming with SQL

Module 6: Data Visualization Tools (Tableau, D3, QlickView)

Module 7: Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing

Module 8: Production Level Code using Spark, Scala

Soft Skills Modules covered under NASSCOM's Data Analytics Associate program

Note: All the above modules are also available for training on modular basis. So you can join any of the above modules, or more than one modules separately, but until ALL the modules are done by the participant, they will not be eligible for the NASSCOM Assessment and Certification. You will only receive the participation certificate for each of the individual modules.

For registrations contact: 8169 543 099 or 9860 246 128.


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