Data Science Masters Program

Program Details:

We are glad to announce our 3rd Cohort of 9-MONTH Full-stack Data Science Masters Program, going to start from June month. 

This comprises of 62 lectures of 4-hour duration = ~250 hours of Instructor-led training. The training will be almost entirely be done by Mr. Prashant Sahu (except for a few specialized topics, for which we will be calling some industry experts).

Classes start from 6th July onwards and will be conducted on Sat-Sun only (9 AM -1 PM). There will be a break of 1 weekend after every 4/5 week continuous classes. All long weekends, there will be a break.

The following modules will be covered:

LinkedIn Profiles of the INSTRUCTORS: PRASHANT SAHU, Radhika Subramanian(Datar).

The "training fee" for the entire program is 80,000/- Rs. 55,000/- only (in-class training) right now (subject to increase anytime). Online Mode: FEE is Rs. 25,000/- only for now (or 15K in 2 installments). Installment options for offline (25K, 20K, 15K as 3 installments) and group discounts available for the in-class training.

For both online/offline mode, all participants will get access to our new LMS, which will have all the class recordings immediately available, tutorials, tests, assignments, individual and group projects. The access will be valid until another 6 months AFTER completion of the last lecture of the program. Participants are expected to bring their own laptops for the hands-on sessions.

The program already includes 10 end-to-end projects, several tutorial sessions (hands-on) and mentor sessions. 

Optional inclusions (with an additional fee payment):

1. Capstone project (industry-based). Rs. 10K extra.

2. 6-month internship (industry-based). Internship fee will be refunded in full upon completion of the internship. Internship fee will be Rs. 40K/60K (as a refundable deposit) for 4/6-month training in Data Analytics/Science related company. This is done so that students do not leave in the middle of the internship (with company-sensitive information), and the company keeps cribbing at us for facilitating. Hope this makes sense.

3. GUARANTEED Placement: Rs. 50K extra. Either you get placed within 6 months of successful completion of the course, or we pay your entire fee (50K + training fee as above).

*** no refund of GST in any of the above is applicable.

If you opt for 2+3 above, and you get placed before your internship finishes, you still get a partial refund of your internship deposit. The fee for the above optional inclusions have to be made within 15 days of 1st lecture of the program. 


If you are not sure of joining right now, but are interested, please fill up the following form, and  we'll keep you updated about the program:
Google Form for interested candidates.

If you have any queries, please feel free to ask.

Prashant Sahu.
B.Tech. NIT Rourkela, PhD @ IIT Bombay
WhatsApp: 8169 543 099

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